Top 10 eco-friendly handmade candles

Eym home: Eym

We’ve never identified with the aesthetics of a candle quite as much as we do with Eym’s beautifully minimalist packaging. Created by a husband and wife duo with the aim of making the most natural candles possible, Eym candles are made with soy wax, cotton wicks and essential oils. Of the five scents available – all gorgeous – we particularly love home, a welcoming, grounding blend of rose, geranium and chamomile.

Jonathan Ward afreet: Jonathan Ward

Hand-poured in his studio in Hackney, Jonathan Ward’s candles feel luxurious from the moment you open the box: the clear glass is ribbed (the containers are actually whisky tumblers) and the label is purple and gold. Afreet is a sweet, dark concoction of blackberry, neroli, black pepper and amber. The wax is a blend of coconut oil, beeswax and organic vegetable wax and the double wick – which ensures a more even burn – is cotton.

Evermore grove candle: Evermore London

Evermore candles are consciously made through and through: they are crafted from a blend of rapeseed and soy wax, their beautiful black containers are made from recycled glass and their boxes are 100 per cent recyclable. Our pick is grove, a green, forest floor fragrance with notes of eucalyptus, pine, fir and moss.

Hampton & Astley coral flower & hyacinth luxury candle: Hampton & Astley

Luxury homeware brand Hampton & Astley makes all its candles from a non-toxic blend of beeswax, soy and rapeseed wax. We’re not usually big on floral fragrances, but coral flower and hyacinth brings the scent of a fresh bunch of flowers – peonies, roses, hyacinth and jasmine – to your home, and who can complain about that.

The Very Good Candle Co Indio candle: The Very Good Candle Co

The Very Good Candle Co’s scents, created by a music-loving couple living in Amsterdam, are all inspired by music festivals. The fragrance of Indio is based on Coachella, which is held in Indio, California. It’s a desert heat kind of scent, with fir needle, blood orange, patchouli, bergamot, cedarwood and birch. All their candles are hand-poured into recycled glass jars, and are made with rapeseed wax, essential oils and cotton wicks.

Helm London cocoa butter: Helm London

Cocoa butter candles can be cloyingly sweet, but this, from Helm London, is just right: rich, sweet and warm, it’s the perfect bath-time fragrance. Made from soy wax with a cotton wick and hand-poured in the UK, all Helm’s candles come in very solid-feeling frosted glass containers with a light wood lid. Our favourite part is that you can add the name of whoever the candle is for at checkout and it will be printed on the label.

Skandinavisk heia candle: Osmology

The majority of candles from Danish brand Skandinavisk are made from vegetable wax, but their luxury “Escape” range is made from rapeseed wax, which burns slowly and throws scent really well. Heia is Norwegian for “heathland” and its scent is suitably wild, windswept and slightly floral. We love the embossed opaque white jar, too.

Kiss The Moon dream candle: Kiss The Moon

The driver at the heart of British countryside brand Kiss The Moon is a good night’s sleep; all its products are formulated to help you wind down and drift off. Its candles are hand-poured in the UK in small batches and are 100 per cent natural, using soy wax, cotton wicks and essential oils. Dream is a mind-clearing, body-relaxing blend of bergamot and lavender.

The Nomad Society libertine candle: The Nomad Society

The Nomad Society’s candles are hand-poured from soy wax and cotton wicks in the South of France. We’ve yet to find one we don’t like – particularly as they all come in Nomad’s signature dark amber glass jars – and Libertine is a firm favourite: fresh and uplifting with sweet black figs, it’s an ideal choice for home offices and studios.

Neom tranquillity scented candle: Neom Organics

Neom’s candles are unusual in being a fairly mainstream brand that uses 100 per cent natural wax. Tranquillity is a blend of no less than 19 essential oils, and the result is a potent but not overpowering, relaxing scent, with notes of lavender, basil and jasmine. It’s the perfect bedtime blend.