How to turn producing candles by hand into a business

If you’re an entrepreneur who is eager to burn the midnight oil with a new business venture, we’ve got an idea for you: homemade candles.

When it comes to creating a product that’s practical and hot (literally and figuratively), learning how to make candles is a skillset that’s useful even for the hesitant DIYer.

So, if you’re curious about homemade candles, the varieties like soy candles, and how to make candles, then let’s take a deeper dive into this hot product.

Why Homemade Candles?

Who doesn’t love candles? Homemade candles have become an essential home decor item — an industry that’s expected to generate $664 billion by 2020, according to a recent report from Allied Market Research.

In addition to candles growing as a primary category in the home decor industry, consumers have a growing interest in trends like aromatherapy and enhancing their houses with home scents. Candles (homemade or otherwise) have provided an affordable way for shoppers to procure this hot decor item and buy into the lifestyle that different candle variations project.

And that growing interest in candles is quantifiable.

And while candles may be used for various purposes across the globe, most of the searches for homemade candles are concentrated around North America and Western Europe.

In addition to the popularity of this hot product, candles are offer wannabe business owners a number of other benefits, including:

From the standpoint of a DIY business, learning how to make candles is a skill that can be transformed into a viable income stream. But before we tackle the topic of creating homemade candles of your own, let’s take a look at the popular types that are piquing shoppers’ interest.

Types of Homemade Candles

One of the big advantages when learning how to make candles for your business is the variety — there’s likely a type of candle out there that will catch the eye of potential customers.

Not sure where to start? Here are some of the top types of homemade candles you can explore when building your plan for your homemade candle biz.

Soy Candles

As one of the hottest candle varieties on the market today, soy candles are made from a base of soy wax. This wax is derived from soybeans, and therefore, is made from vegetables grown right from the earth (opposed to regular oil or paraffin varieties).

Not only are soy candles made from a renewable resource, they also burn cleanly and for longer. That way, customers get more bang for their bucks when it comes to getting a longer-lasting candle.